Use of the EcoEffect-questionnaire


A questionnaire is an important part of assessment of the indoor environment of existing buildings.

The questionnaires has been developed form the so called Stockholm questionnaire which has been extensively used. The EcoEffect questionnaire has the also the potential to identify sick buildings. It exist today in three versions, one for houses, one for offices and the last one for schools. With minor changes it can also be used for other types of buildings. A great advantage with the Eco- and Stockholm questionnaires is that a large statistical comparison material exists. At the moment the questionnaires are only in Swedish.


The EcoEffect questionnaire is one of the questionnaires used for MIBB in Sweden (environmental inventory of existing buildings) which is supported by the large building owners in Sweden.

If you are interested in using the EcoEffect questionnaire we want you to contact us for two reasons. It is important to be acquainted with the use of questionnaire surveys in order to get the needed response and accuracy of the result. Further we want feed back on application and try to gather as many results as possible in order to improve our reference values. You are welcome to load down the questionnaire but ask you to contact us if you have questions or want to use any of them practically.

Contact persons are:

Marie Hult, White architects, e-post:

Mauritz Glaumann, University of Gävle, e-post:

·    Bostadsenkät (Housing questionnaire)

·    Arbetsplatsenkät (Office questionnaire)

·    Skolenkät--Personal (School questionnaire – staff)

·    Skolenkät--Elever 13 år och äldre (School questionnaire – pupils)