Ongoing activities  

Since last year we are the Swedish part of an European project called ENSLIC aiming at promote LCA and LCC in the building design process. Swedish companies participate with projects. We are responsible for developing guidelines. A meeting will take place 20-21 October in Stockholm.


Mauritz and Conny Rolén at Formas have set up a Swedish National Team for participating in the world conference Sustainable Building, SB 08, in Melbourne September 2008. Two Swedish building projects have been evaluated with three different assessment methods, ByggaBo, EcoEffect and LEED. The Assessment results are presented at the conference. Two papers are also submitted, one about the weighting system in EcoEffect (Glaumann, Assefa)and one which compares .The difference in assessment result from different methods (Wallhagen, Glaumann, Westerberg).


The reports about the EcoEffect methodology has been completed and are possible to download here (see publications) or from the University of Gävle (


M Glaumann and G Assefa has joined the EU-project “Action Cost C25 – Sustainability of Constructions. Focus is on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)and Life Cycle Cost, (LCC). We will among other thing contribute with EcoEffect calculations. We have developed a simple calculation sheet for calculating CO2 equivalents from use of energy and materials for beginners. A paper will be presented in Dresden 6-7 Oct. 2008.


M Glaumann, T Malmquist and O N Eriksson participate in the national project “Environmental classification of buildings”. This project is a joint work between two research groups which have a large support from companies, organisations and authorities within the building sector. The first version was published in April 2008 and is now tested on a number of buildings.


An environmental rating has now been added to EcoEffect. It gives 1-6 stars for lack of internal impacts and 1-6 stars for lack of external impacts.


A network for application an further development of EcoEffect has been launched. for further information contact Mauritz at